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Helping You Become The Best Version of Yourself

The Wyatt Group, Counseling in Oklahoma City

Individual Therapy

Embark on a transformative journey to overcome life's challenges with Dr. Vicki Wyatt. Through these sessions, you can find relief and lasting solutions for these challenges.

  • Depression: Gain strategies to manage and overcome feelings of depression, fostering a brighter outlook on life.

  • Anxiety: Learn techniques to effectively manage and alleviate anxiety, empowering you to find peace and calm.

  • Childhood Sexual Abuse: Receive specialized support and healing strategies to address the impact of past trauma.

  • Addiction: Access valuable tools and resources to break free from addiction and regain control of your life.

Dr. Wyatt utilizes EMDR therapy, a powerful approach to help you process and heal from trauma and emotional wounds, providing you with the tools to regain control of your life and find inner peace.

Couple's Counseling

Couples counseling with Dr. Wyatt offers you the opportunity to strengthen your connection and build a more fulfilling partnership together.

  • Tackle Communication Breakdowns: Learn effective communication strategies to resolve conflicts and improve understanding.

  • Overcome Trust Issues: Work through trust issues and rebuild a strong foundation of trust in your relationship.

  • Navigate Relationship Struggles: Receive guidance on navigating various relationship challenges and developing healthier patterns.

Wyatt Group, Couples Counseling in Oklahoma City
Sex Addiction Counseling in Oklahoma City, The Wyatt Group

Family Counseling

Discover a path to harmony within your family through family counseling with Dr. Vicki Wyatt.

  • Communication Breakdowns: Improve your family's ability to communicate effectively.

  • Conflicts and Arguments: Resolve conflicts and reduce tension within your family.

  • Parenting Challenges: Gain valuable insights and strategies for effective parenting.

  • Stress and Family Transitions: Navigate through challenging times, such as divorces or major life changes.

Family counseling with Dr. Wyatt offers an opportunity for your family to grow closer, enhance understanding, and create a more loving and functional family environment.


3-Day Marriage Intensives

While we cannot cure sex addiction or heal from its damage in 3-days we can help you uncover the roots of your addiction, give you tools for sustainable sobriety, and begin the process of rebuilding trust and healing from trauma. Our intensives allow us to do 6-months of therapy in three days

  • Get Tools for Sustainable Sobriety

  • Understand and heal from Betrayal Trauma

  • Uncover Roots of Addiction

  • Lay Foundations for Trust & Safety

  • Get a Clear Path to Recovery

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