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The Wyatt Group, Sex Addiction Counseling in Oklahoma City

The Mission of the Wyatt Group

Our mission is to provide confidential, quality mental health, counseling, and research services in a friendly and safe environment. Much of Dr. Wyatt’s time is devoted to resolving issues related to sexual addictions and intensive recovery of marriages with the goal of reconnecting spouses/partners and redeveloping intimacy in relationships. However, The Wyatt Group also welcomes children, teens, adults, geriatrics, and their families for traditional counseling. Dr. Wyatt’s therapeutic approach is to identify the problems and with the client to develop solutions. This is done in part through the cultivation of resource networks with her patients/clients. Her experience as a counselor in the private and public sectors provides a unique perspective on and insight into the special needs of each patient.

The Wyatt Group also works with corporations and employees in group and individual dynamics. Dr. Wyatt has provided individual coaching and group workshops for lower- and upper-level management and also works with anger management, harassment, and sensitivity concerns. Dr. Wyatt is frequently called upon for grief counseling after traumatic events (such as a work-related death, robbery, or assault at work or school, reductions in force/lay-offs, and other trauma situations that are unique to a particular industry or profession).

Vicki Harris Wyatt regularly attends and presents at local, regional and national conventions such as the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) and the American Public Health Association (APHA) and has authored a variety of articles and book chapters published in various media. She draws from her experiences and employs both time-honored and current research and therapeutic methods. Vicki Harris Wyatt’s contributions in education and healthcare earned her the distinction as one of the 2002 The Journal Record News’ “50 Women Making a Difference” in the State of Oklahoma.

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