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It's Time To Rewrite Your Story

Sex & Porn addiction often hides in secrecy and can make you feel ashamed and isolated. You might have tried to deal with it by yourself, which can leave you feeling frustrated and questioning if change is even achievable. The good news is that change is possible with the right support.

Porn Addicition Counseling in Oklahoma City, The Wyatt Group

What is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction, according to Dr. Patrick Carnes, is when you feel like you can't stop yourself from constantly seeking out sexual experiences, even when it's causing problems in your life, like trouble in relationships or work. It's something that can get out of control and might make you feel like you need help to break free from it.

What is Sex Addiction?
Am I an Addict
Tube Lights

Sex Addiction

Treatment Paths

Three Day Sex Addiction Intensives, Oklahoma City

3-Day Sex
Addiction Intensives

Get 6-months of therapy in our 3 Day Couple's intensive designed to bring healing to the addict & the betrayed spouse. 

Addiction Recovery Therapy, The Wyatt Group Oklahoma City

1-1 Intensive Recovery Therapy

Uncover the roots of your addiction,  heal from trauma, get tools to get sober and stay sober.  Learn to build heatthy relationships.

Sex Addiction Recovery Groups in Okahoma City, The Wyatt Group Oklahoma City

Addiction Recovery Groups

Each Group is Faciitated by a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. -Men's Addiction Recovery Group
-Women's Love Addiction Group
-Partner's of Sex Addicts Group

Dr. Wyatt was the first person I sought out when I hit my darkest moment, or what we in recovery circles call, our “rock bottom.” Right from the beginning, Dr. Wyatt met me with an open ear, and she exuded a willingness to listen to me babble on about all the details and specifics of my addiction that I’d never shared with anyone. I gained a great deal of relief when all the ins and outs of my history with addiction were met with a sense of empathy and understanding.

32 Year Old Male, Sex Addiction Therapy

3 Day Intensiv
Three-Day Sex Addiction Intensives in Oklahoma City

While we cannot cure sex addiction or heal from its damage in 3-days we can help you uncover the roots of your addiction, give you tools for sustainable sobriety, and begin the process of rebuilding trust and healing from trauma. Our intensives allow us to do 6-months of therapy in three days

  • Get Tools for Sustainable Sobriety

  • Understand and heal from Betrayal Trauma

  • Uncover Roots of Addiction

  • Lay Foundations for Trust & Safety

  • Get a Clear Path to Recovery

Certified Hope & Freedom Practitioner

Heal from Sex Addiction & Betrayal Trauma


Dr. Wyatt is an amazing, compassionate woman who through the "Three Day Intensive" counseling transformed our marriage.  If you and your spouse truly want to restore your marriage to the true meaning of a "God blessed partnership", this is the path for you.  It will bring out the painful experiences, but also the memories of how you fell in love.  We have continued our sessions to keep finding ways to make our union stronger. 

65 Year Old Couple, 3-Day Couple's Intensive


Group Therapy



Men's Sex
Addiction Group

Dr. Wyatt has been hosting a sex addiction group for men for the past several years. These groups generally consist of not more than seven men and focus on identification, treatment, accountability, and aftercare. This is a safe place to share and get support as you break free of addiction 


Women's Love
Addiction Group

Dr. Wyatt started her first women’s sex addict group in 2013. Like the successful men’s groups, Dr. Wyatt addresses issues unique to female sex addicts. Groups will be limited to not more than seven women, where issues of identification of the problem, treatment, accountability, and aftercare will be applied


Partners of Sex
Addicts Group

Dr. Wyatt wants to educate partners and spouses and help them heal with the trauma of betrayal, cope with the addict-partner, and hold the partner/spouse accountable. We welcome you to join this new program. (These groups will be divided into a women’s and men’s group)

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